The Team

Dr Shyam Khemani

Special Adviser Economic Consulting


As Special Adviser, Competition Policy, Dr. Shyam Khemani brings extensive global and country-specific experience in providing advice, analytical economic and litigation support to public and private sector entities in the area of competition/antitrust (mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, cartels and monopolisation cases, economic damages), industrial organisation, competitive strategy, economic regulation, international trade and investments.

Dr. Khemani has held several senior positions at the World Bank Group, which included Adviser, Competition Policy and Manager, Competitive Strategy, Business Environment, and Foreign Investment; as well as at the Canadian Competition Bureau, where he was a Chief Economist and Director of Economics and International Affairs; academia and private consulting. He also served as an Adviser to the Raghavan Committee established by the Government of India and was integrally involved in developing the framework for India’s competition law and policy, which subsequently led to the passage of the Competition Act, 2002. Dr. Khemani has worked with leading international business enterprises, conglomerates, and law firms across a wide range of industries/markets; the World Bank Group, OECD, UNCTAD, UNIDO, ASEAN Secretariat, various donor agencies and several competition authorities in industrial and emerging/developing economies spanning more than 20 countries.

He is a member of the Advisory Board of Bloomberg’s Bureau of National Affair’s Antitrust and Trade Regulation Report, past co-Director of the International Bar Association’s Global Forum on Competition. He has served on various working groups of the American Bar Association, the International Chambers of Commerce, the International Competition Network and CUTS - an NGO based out of India. He has been part of the Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce at the University of British Columbia, and several other Canadian universities. He has also been widely published in the field of competition law and policy and obtained his Ph.D. in Industrial Economics from the London School of Economics, UK.

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