The Team

Satish Sawant

Director - Supply Chain


Satish’s educational qualifications include an MS from Georgia Tech, USA followed by an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM A). He has over 14 years of global experience, including more than seven years in the USA across strategy consulting, operations excellence, supply chain optimization, cost reduction, and data analytics. Satish leads the Supply Chain service at SKP, which uses Supply Chain as a basis for improving the key indicators across an organization’s functions. He is responsible for growing the practice globally and providing thought-leadership for emerging industry trends.

His select experience includes:

  • Consolidation of operations and leadership of multidisciplinary teams towards the successful integration of distribution networks
  • S&OP transformation of product organizations to streamline operations
  • Project management support for large Greenfield operations
  • Cost reduction of direct and indirect spends with bottom-line savings using robust ‘should cost’ models and zero-based budgeting
  • Procurement or sourcing spend reduction for key categories
  • Strategy for front-end operations for large retail chains
  • New start-up growth and global expansion with digital marketing, trade shows, and local talent hiring
  • Efficiency yield and throughput improvement in plants and distribution centers

Satish has conducted multiple workshops with global leaders to uncover value and achieve consensus for the strategic vision. He has worked extensively in the US and India and has worked on projects involving multiple geographies. He likes to break complex problems into simpler pieces and then resolve the issues sequentially. He leverages his experience to be the change agent in the adoption of new ways of working.

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