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Business Process Management

Nexdigm’s Business Process Management (BPM) team is your partner in delivering innovation. By deploying best-in-class delivery frameworks, we ensure operational stability and improved profitability through reductions in direct cost and revenue leakage.

Business Process Management

Client engagement and satisfaction are crucial in defining the success of a business relationship. We are a team of passionate professionals who strive to make your business processes more efficient and effective. With our BPM solutions, we help organizations manage their business functions through robust, sustainable, and scalable processes.

Our blend of experience, expertise, technology, and service orientation ensures that you get the outcomes that you look for when you choose Nexdigm as your delivery partner for managed services.

Our client-centric partnering approach ensures continual improvement with the flexibility to scale up or down based on dynamic business requirements.

Market Segmentation

Because one size cannot fit all, we service all size firms. Your non-core activities are Nexdigm’s BPM core business. We make sure that your processes keep pace with, and facilitate, business growth

  • Large companies: Large companies benefit by achieving volume efficiencies, by reducing cost per transaction, and by incorporating technology solutions.
  • Small- and Mid-sized companies: Small and Mid-sized companies benefit by Nexdigm’s ability to leverage cost advantages, manage staffing challenges, and enable change management.

Our BPM services enable growing businesses to evolve, achieve maturity, become more productive, and drive better customer satisfaction.

Ethics and Values

Many may do what we do, but few do it the way we do!

  • Going beyond Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Nexdigm’s service ethos goes beyond the basic metrics of the project, to deliver customer delight and business impact, with innovative solutions that evolve to address business needs.
  • Operational Excellence: Processes that deliver reliable and consistent performance, generate continuous improvement, and promote creativity and innovation.
  • People: Our selection, training, and leadership development processes are designed to drive performance, trust, mutual respect, and merit. We take care of our people; they take care of our clients.
  • Our Heritage: Over a half century of experience has resulted in a laser-like focus on a service orientation delivering customized solutions. Our execution expertise differentiates us from others.
  • Quality and Security: Our business excellence framework encompasses quality as well as information security.

Data Privacy & Security

Information Security Management System Under ISO 27001:2013

Personal Information Management System Under BS 10012

Quality Management

Quality Management System Under ISO 9001:2015

Your one-stop solution partner

With extensive experience supporting a diverse clientele with bespoke BPM solutions, we have demonstrated the capabilities needed to make outsourcing a key enabler for performance improvement.

The non-core activities of your business form our core, and we ensure their consistent efficiency and effectiveness.

ISO27001 and BSI0012 Certifications

Mayank Lakhani Senior Managing Director – Assurance Advisory, Indirect Tax, and GCC Region
Board Member – Nexdigm Consulting Limited (UAE)

With over two decades of experience, Mayank leads the Assurance Advisory and Indirect Tax verticals at Nexdigm. He also spearheads Nexdigm’s growth in the GCC Region.

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Kartik Nagarajan Managing Director – Business Consulting & Global Business Services (Sales) / Deputy Managing Director – Nexdigm

With over two decades of experience in Business Process Management (BPM), Kartik leads Global Sales for all Business Services at Nexdigm. He is also responsible for operations and related services…

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