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Nexdigm’s Business Process Management (BPM) team is your partner in delivering innovation. By deploying best-in-class delivery frameworks, we ensure operational stability and improved profitability through reductions in direct cost and revenue leakage.

Process Improvement

Over the last few decades, companies have adopted a host of different approaches to improving the quality and efficiency of their output. Some of these include Total Quality Management, Business Process Reengineering, Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Business Performance Improvement, and many more. What all these methodologies have in common is a focus on a particular process – an activity through which something - whether tangible or intangible - is transformed into something else.

At its most fundamental level, process excellence is not about a methodology, it is about improving the way that businesses create and deliver value to their customers.

Our objective with Process Improvement is to help organizations in the successful analysis, optimization, and redesigning of day-to-day processes. This is done by implementing Robotic Process Automation in combination with Business Process Re-Engineering to increase productivity and efficiency while simultaneously adding business value.

Our Services

  • Help employees across seniority levels and practices understand the current state of all processes. We also measure the performance of the future state of the project
  • Understand the current ‘As-Is’ state of business and evaluate the business model, corporate structure, and current organizational structure
  • Identify gaps, root causes, strategic disconnects, etc. in the context of improving organizational effectiveness, operational efficiency, and achieving the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Identify redundant activities and repetitive controls with ‘Lean’ practices along with effective utilization of existing systems
  • Review the sequence and interaction of processes along with their inputs and outputs by designing hypotheses and understanding the correlation between them
  • Assess opportunities of centralized/de-centralized functions to drive standardization and co-ordination of expectations across different processes (within the same organization or department)
  • Evaluate the feasibility of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Help identify improvement opportunities that have the most significant impact on organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency through Six Sigma methodologies
  • Benchmark with ‘industry best practices’ in terms of organization and/or the processes
  • Develop a training plan as per requirements and train teams on Lean Six Sigma methodologies

The Nexdigm Advantage

  • Experienced Business Consulting team with Black Belts (BBs) and Master Black Belts (MBBs) to help your organization understand, identify, and implement process improvements
  • Adept Consulting team with diverse experience in business consulting for manufacturing and service industries of different sizes
  • Dedicated full-time/part-time consultant to work closely with the project team
  • Ability to source implementation partners for any identified process excellence tool (as part of our end-to-end improvement consulting)

Kartik Nagarajan Managing Director – Business Consulting & Global Business Services (Sales) / Deputy Managing Director – Nexdigm

With over two decades of experience in Business Process Management (BPM), Kartik leads Global Sales for all Business Services at Nexdigm. He is also responsible for operations and related services…

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