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Entity Set-up & Management

The progressive environment makes today an opportune time to set sails towards India. Equipped with a team of well-qualified professionals, Nexdigm is all set to help you expand your business swiftly and hassle-free. Handholding multinationals through our single window services, we are ready to partner in your Next Paradigm of business.

Registrations, Renewals and Visa Processing

Incorporation and Registrations

Due to a favorable business environment and backing from the local government, many investors are opting to start new businesses in UAE. Any entrepreneur looking to start a business in this region should have a valid license from the respective Regulatory Authority.

Generally, a business license in UAE can be subdivided into three categories:

  • Commercial licenses (for all trading activities)
  • Professional licenses (for professionals, craftsmen, tax advisors, and business consultants)
  • Industrial licenses (for carrying out manufacturing activities)

There are broadly three jurisdictions in UAE amongst which foreign entrepreneurs can choose to set up a proposed entity (the mainland, free zones, or offshore). Every jurisdiction has their unique specifications and benefits.

To help you set up, we at Nexdigm can:

  • Assist in selecting an appropriate jurisdiction for the proposed business setup
  • Coordinate with the selected Regulatory Authority for the proposed business setup
  • Record information on detailed administrative steps and guidance in establishing the entity (we will work closely with the respective authorities for this process)
  • Manage company name registration and pre-approvals
  • Draft business setup related documents (Memorandum of Association, Power of Attorney, Board Resolution, business introductory forms, applications, etc.)
  • Obtain pre-approvals from the respective authorities for all business documents
  • Legalize business setup documentation (as per required by the relevant Ministry) in the UAE
  • Obtain legal translation if required
  • Support you in obtaining relevant documentation regarding an office lease agreement
  • Make all applicable payments to the lease department, licensing and registration department, and labor department
  • Submit all relevant documentation and follow-up with the authorities
  • Obtain a company license
  • Register the newly-established company with the labor department
  • Register the company with online portals for visa, licensing, and other administrative purposes
  • Open a UAE bank account for the newly incorporated entity


Once a business license is obtained, the legal entity license is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Every business needs to renew its license in UAE every year, as per the rules of the governing authority, to remain legitimate.

To help you continue operations, we at Nexdigm can:

  • Assist in collation of the prescribed license renewal documents
  • Submit the required documentation and fees to the Regulatory Authority
  • Conduct correspondence and meetings with the respective authority, if required
  • Assist in getting external approval, if required

Employment Visa, Family Sponsorship, or Residence Visa

We can also assist your employees migrating to the region in a variety of ways including visa application and processing for employees and their dependents.

Nexdigm provides a host of Visa services which include:

  • Visa application process
  • Visa stamping
  • Visa renewal
  • Visa cancellation
  • VIP services for medical fitness test
  • Liaising with Regulatory Authorities for issuance of an Emirates ID.

Secretarial Compliances

We assist businesses with corporate secretary duties and responsibilities such as preparing proper documentation regarding the minutes of a board meeting, compliance with all legal requirements of appropriate government authorities, and maintenance of corporate records and books.

Nexdigm shall take care of your compliance and regulatory matters so that you may focus on making a name and capturing market share.

Nexdigm offers a full range of high quality, cost-effective company secretarial services tailored to the requirements of your business. Our team will support you in complying with the complex and changing obligations in the UAE, enabling your business to focus on its core activities and company goals.

To help you manage your compliances, we at Nexdigm can provide:

Annual Compliance Services

  • Preparing and maintaining corporate documentation such as notice of meeting, minutes of the annual shareholders meeting, and the approval of accounts
  • Arranging the Annual General Meeting (AGM), issuing notices, and providing the location of the meeting. Additionally, if required, we can attend shareholder meetings as a reporting secretary and record all proceedings
  • Preparing and maintaining statutory registers to comply with the applicable regulations
  • Filing of the company’s annual accounts with the applicable authority (as required under the applicable commercial companies’ laws and regulations)

Document Monitoring

  • Issuing a reminder notice at least one calendar month before the filing deadline for preparing and filing audited financial statements, in line with the constitutional documents of the entity
  • Providing quarterly updates in compliance with company secretarial obligations

Advice and Assistance

  • Providing guidance and recommending a suitable office space based on your company’s commercial license
  • Recommending the company to an auditor (if necessary) and liaising with the auditor to provide the required information maintained by Nexdigm
  • Providing general advice regarding corporate secretarial practices and liaising with the group and third parties as necessary
  • Providing an annual health check of the legal entity, if required
  • Supporting event-based and ad-hoc compliances

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