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Contract Management

Nexdigm’s Business Process Management (BPM) team is your partner in delivering innovation. By deploying best-in-class delivery frameworks, we ensure operational stability and improved profitability through reductions in direct cost and revenue leakage.

Contract Management

Nexdigm Contract Management Services

Contracts are the key to strong business relationships. Nexdigm helps teams from the procurement, legal, finance, and M&A departments strike the right balance between expediency and business risks. Our experienced attorneys are capable of aligning multiple stakeholders while providing an integrated view of commercial as well as legal aspects.

Nexdigm can help you reduce your contracting costs and elevate the experience of all stakeholders involved by standardizing processes, choosing the right technology, and leveraging our wealth of specialized knowledge.

At Nexdigm, we approach contract management as an end-to-end process. In fact, we recognize that every contract has a lifecycle, and needs to be managed at every stage of that cycle. Our contract management services can radically change the way you manage contracts and contracting, thereby effectively managing risk without, in any way, sacrificing business need and urgency. We help you develop standardized templates for different contract types and playbooks that provide guidance for all foreseeable negotiation situations. These enable quick turnaround of contracts and at the same time ensure that contract risks remain within defined boundaries.

When you choose Nexdigm as your delivery partner to provide a fully managed service, we not only set up the contract management system, we also write your large volume, template driven contracts, negotiate them within the boundaries authorized by you, get them executed and archive them for future retrieval and renewal. This frees up your in-house legal team for more complex work and strategic initiatives.

The bottom-line is that your senior leadership is assured of a structured framework for initiating, signing, and maintaining commercial contracts without losing the flexibility of doing business.

Marc Lessem Senior Executive Director – North America Sales and Marketing

Marc leads the efforts to enhance the presence of Nexdigm in North America, a strategically important market to serve our US-based clients. He is uniquely positioned to closely engage with…

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Kartik Nagarajan Managing Director – Business Consulting & Global Business Services (Sales) / Deputy Managing Director – Nexdigm

With over two decades of experience in Business Process Management (BPM), Kartik leads Global Sales for all Business Services at Nexdigm. He is also responsible for operations and related services…

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