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The Banking and Finance sector has transformed over a period because of digitization and frequent amendments introduced by the regulators. While the industry has migrated to internet facilities, matching the evolving expectations of customers has been a challenge. Financial institutions have to build efficiencies through technology implementation in every sphere to stay competitive and future-ready.

On the other hand, keeping pace with regulatory expectations can be taxing, and institutions/organizations may have to bear the cost of compliance.

Our services are designed to help organizations overcome these hindrances and focus on building and growing their business. With our expertise and partner led approach, we ensure that the business is successful as well as sustainable.

Our Services

Business Consulting

  • Technology
    • Cybersecurity
    • Hacking as a Service (HaaS)
  • Consulting
    • Project Management
    • Advanced Data Analytics and Optimization

Business Services

  • Data Management for Family Offices
  • Revenue and Payment Verification of Brokerage
  • Finance and Accounting Support
  • Contract Management

Professional Services

  • Compliance Support
    • Outsourced Finance Officer Solutions in DIFC and ADGM
    • Know Your Customer (KYC)
    • Taxation
  • Forensics
  • Internal Audit
  • Fund Set-up and Tax Structuring

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Case Studies


AEO certification
AEO certification

Obtaining AEO T-1 certification for the client, providing him substantial benefits by improving the efficiency in Customs procedures at the time of imports and exports.

Representation with the GST Council
Representation with the GST Council

The implementation of GST brought our client under the ambit of Inverted Duty Rate Structure, i.e., the higher tax rate on inputs as compared to the tax rate on outputs which results into the massive accumulation of tax credits. Given the inverted duty structure, such accumulated tax credits would get accumulated in the long run not be utilized in the years to come. We represented this issue before the GST Council. An in-depth study was undertaken on the financial impact of the accumulation of ITC vis-à-vis the refunds, which would be available to the client as per the projected financial statements and the projected refund computations. A comprehensive document containing the arguments with tax computation tables was prepared and submitted in support of the client’s claim.

Deliberations with Group of Ministers (GoM) for providing industry feedback and perspective on various issues under the GST regime
Deliberations with Group of Ministers (GoM) for providing industry feedback and perspective on various issues under the GST regime

In the GoM meeting, crucial discussions on the multiple aspects of the return mechanism were held. The GST Council apprised us of the various returns models conceptualized and their key features. Based on our discussions during the meeting, we obtained feedback from our clients. Based on the client feedback and our analysis of the implications of the conceptualized returns system and the feedback received from our clients, we presented our view to the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN).

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