Analysis of the Union Budget 2021-22

Analysis of the Union Budget 2021-22
One of the most distressing years by far, 2020 marked the year of a deadly pandemic that drastically impacted health, businesses, and communities across the globe. The Indian economy also got battered due to the subsequent lockdown which exposed gaps in the supply chain and delays in working around the social distancing norms. Critical indicators such as de-growth in the economy, contraction in GDP, widening of fiscal deficit, and high inflation have highlighted the severe strike on the economy in the past year. But as it is said, 'There is hope after despair and many suns after darkness', similarly, the Indian economy has started showing signs of recovery. Faced with the daunting twin tasks of pulling back the economy from the clutches of de-growth, a slew of fiscal and non-fiscal measures were taken during the year to rebound the economy from the aftermath of the pandemic. This is evidenced by the pre-budget Economic Survey's projection of 11% growth in real GDP for 2021.
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