Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Insights

Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Insights

Corruption risks in the current context assume heightened significance considering the scarcity of resources, supply chain challenges, increased healthcare spending, government stimulus packages, alongside several other factors.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused regulations, behaviors, and business practices to evolve constantly, across geographies. Fighting corruption risk has new challenges associated with it. The new virtual world with increased financial stress in the economy has combined with an increase in regulatory intervention and compliances.

This publication is a result of series of podcasts we conducted during June-August 2020, covering 15 geographies across the world. We spoke with leading anti-corruption practitioners in these podcasts to gain insights on regional anti-corruption perception. We covered aspects including corruption risks in current environment, risks caused by COVID-19, changes in Government interaction across the geographies, expectations on enforcement and advice to compliance officers as part of our podcast discussions with these leading anti-corruption practitioners.

This publication poses clear and pertinent challenges and opportunities to reflect upon in the current ethics and compliance scenario all over the world.

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