Good Distribution Practices for Pharmaceutical Products

08 Feb 2021Business Services
Good Distribution Practices for Pharmaceutical Products
Innovations driven by new science and technology have transformed human healthcare beyond recognition in the last 50 years. The healthcare industry has evolved with our deepening understanding of the human body and disease. New products and services in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, MedTech, Diagnostics, and Patient support have transformed medical care. With technological and scientific advancement, our understanding of product quality and its determinants have significantly improved, and in parallel, customer expectations around product quality have tremendously increased. Our ability to manage product manufacturing, product quality, and quality deviations has undergone significant transformation too. Consequently, the entire management of product design (with quality built into the design), raw material and input quality, manufacturing quality (infrastructure, process control, etc.), and supply chain quality are today required to meet standards that are far more rigorous and controlled than ever before.
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