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24 May 2021

Companies can offset excess FY20 funds to PM CARES against FY21 CSR spend

21 May 2021

Production Linked Incentive scheme on Advanced Chemistry Cells (ACCs): Opportunity for Battery Manufacturers

6 April 2021

Impact of labeling and display regulations on the Food Processing Industry

31 March 2021

Amendment in Rule 3 of Companies (Accounts) Rule

27 October 2020

UAE gears up for its first ESR Annual Return – Return and Revised Notification forms released

7 September 2020

Retrospective amendment to ESR in UAE ‑ Need to Re-assess, Re-notify and Re-build the strategy

23 July 2020

An Overview of FATCA and CRS Compliance in the United Arab Emirates

14 July 2020

Key highlights of the 2nd edition of KSA Transfer Pricing Guidelines

1 June 2020

Economic Substance Regulations - UAE announces relaxation while demonstrating Economic Substance amidst COVID-19

28 April 2020

Economic Substance Regulation in UAE – Recent Updates and Announcements