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Nexia Global Insight October 2016

Uncovering the truth through positive persuasion

When conducting an interview in a workplace misconduct investigation, it is important to understand the fears and outside influences of the person being interviewed and use positive persuasion which could help them to admit the truth.

インドでビジネスを行うには - 概要

インドでビジネスを行うには - 概要はFDIと貿易政策、政府のインセンティブ、法人形



The medical device industry in India - September 2016

The government and industry have both been moving towards achieving the goal of providing affordable healthcare services to patients in India. These challenges have been addressed through policy, regulatory and financial reforms along with product and technological innovation. Through the set-up of medical device parks and other initiatives, the government has been providing support to the industry to manufacture quality products in an affordable manner.

Doing Business in India 2016

Nexia Global Insight July 2016

India and Mauritius sign landmark protocol to amend long-standing tax treaty
Mauritius has been a popular jurisdiction for foreign investors investing into India and accounts for almost 35% of foreign direct investment into India. The primary reason for this was the double non-taxation of capital gains income for investments in India routed through Mauritius due to the tax treaty between the two countries signed in 1982. In this article, we discuss how the renegotiated treaty aims to curb tax avoidance and tax evasion on income and capital gains.

SKP Investment Chronicle

January - March 2016

Corporate Compliance Insights

Emerging challenges affecting independent directors
Independent directors are directors of incorporated companies who do not have a monetary or material pecuniary relationship with the company. The role of independent directors has evolved with changing regulations to being a sounding board for compliance and a governance watchdog. Amidst debates of whether independent directors are truly independent, it is essential to look at their responsibilities and what is expected from them in the current environment. In this article, we discuss the emerging challenges affecting independent directors.

Nexia Global Insight April 2016

Make in India campaign boosts FDI inflows
A year and a half since its launch, the Make in India campaign has led to some important policy reforms and process improvements, encouraging FDI into the country. In this article, we discuss the Make in India campaign and how doing business in India is changing.

Employee Stock Option Plans – Taxation aspects that employers must consider

Taxability of ESOPs is not as straightforward as the taxability of other components of an employee's salary. For globally mobile employees, the complications are manifold depending on the features of the ESOP and the taxation laws of various countries. Tax authorities are also becoming increasingly vigilant about tax leakages due to non-reporting by employers. In this article, we discuss the basics of ESOP taxation and the different aspects that employers must consider. 

Investment opportunities for NRIs in India

The Indian economy has shown remarkable growth over the past two decades and is now considered a stable economy while maintaining its strong growth prospects. This has changed the outlook of foreign investors towards India, who now prefer investing in Indian markets over other developing economies. The government is also taking multiple steps to identify and implement changes for encouraging foreign investments in India. In this article, we discuss the popular investment avenues available to NRIs in India.