Centre Of Excellence

Centre Of Excellence

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well” – John W. Gardener

Today’s organizations face considerable challenges posed by their complex and interdependent functions and processes which need to interact with and evolve for a dynamic environment. This challenge is more pertinent for multinational corporations that operate in or are expanding to diverse markets or geographies; wherein multiple teams are working at different levels of maturity and capability to propel global growth and profitability.

What is a Centre of Excellence?

We define a Centre of Excellence as a business partner that supports frontline operations by guiding transformation and consistently driving improvement initiatives in line with current business and market dynamics. More specifically, it provides leadership, best practices, research, support and training for a focus area by:

  • Defining a common set of best practices and work standards;
  • Assessing the maturity profile of the focus area against these best practices and work standards;
  • Providing guidance and support in implementing these best practices; and
  • Introducing new tools and technologies to the relevant Business Units.


Role of a CoE

  • Bring innovation, transformation, and continual improvement in focus areas of the business;
  • Achieve and sustain functional excellence;
  • Harness and leverage knowledge, insights, and good practices that exist within the organization;
  • Achieve, maintain and enhance competitive advantage; and
  • Anticipate and prepare for future opportunities and challenges.


Nexdigm (SKP)’s Capabilities for CoE

Depending on clients’ needs and priorities, Nexdigm (SKP) can help set up and manage CoEs in the following domains:

  • Supply Chain
  • Commercial Operations
  • Sales / Customer Experience
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Contracting