Global Anti Bribery and Corruption

Sep 08, 2020

Start Date : Tuesday, Sep 08, 2020

End Date : Tuesday, Sep 08, 2020

Time (IST) : 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Time (UTC) : 08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

Services Offered : Assurance & Risk Advisory,

Speaker(s) : Amii Barnard, Thomas Fox, Sundar Narayanan

In this webinar, we discuss the global anti-bribery and corruption landscape in current times across geographies.

What is the current status of the Anti-Corruption Environment?

“I think what we have to start thinking about now is not what happened before or during the pandemic but what will happen after the pandemic”

- Brian Burke | Shearman & Sterling

COVID has affected the way businesses deal with ethical business practices as follows:

  • More pressure on revenues due to post pandemic-induced risks
  • More people understand the importance of doing business in a fair, level playing field
  • An intense focus on enforcement from regulators
  • People understand risks in new business opportunities and document plans of action
  • It is harder to get data and board meetings for audits due to travel disruptions

What are the training channels for compliance officers?

“Make the program that's truly owned by the employees and is a partnership between compliance and employees”

- Amii Barnard, C-Suite Coach, Consultant, and Corporate Governance Expert

Ensuring your compliance training programs are a success is the key to sustained ethical business practices. Amii provided tips like:

  • Identify and document employees who are at high and low risks when it comes to corruption and bribery
  • Design generalized training for low-risk and specialized training for high-risk employees
  • Explore relatable and innovative training channels like games, AVs, connecting movies and compliance, case studies, etc
  • Iterate the program based on feedback based on usefulness and relevance to real-world scenarios
  • Be respectful with your audience by being relevant, culturally literate, and connect using engaging, time-bound storytelling

How to design a strategy for compliance communication?

“Sometimes a communication plan is put more like an awareness plan that leads to a limited perspective for communication strategy”

- Sundar Narayanan, Director (Forensic Services) | Nexdigm

Having clear communication leads to reduced misunderstanding and increased control on quality. You can achieve this by:

  • Aligning stakeholders via messaging and undertaking key initiatives to achieve the ultimate goal
  • Ensuring the presence of all officers in meetings by optimizing human resources
  • Embedding communication strategy in change management
  • Identifying key areas of non-compliance

How to design a compliance counselor?

“Having a compliance counselor in the field drives home the message that this company will take ethics and compliance very seriously and we will provide resources to solve any problem”

- Thomas Fox, Principal | The Compliance Podcast Network

It is necessary to have a compliance counselor understand the ground realities. Here’s how you can get the best out of them:

  • Put ethics champion on front lines to improve employee accessibility. Feed the data provided by them back into the corporate compliance function to take necessary action
  • Have multiple compliance officers to align different functions and people operating in different regions

Why is due diligence important in developing countries?

For due diligence in developing economies, the challenge lies in the availability and accessibility of digitized data sets. Hence, there is a need to explore alternate ways of conducting due diligence.

Why is continuous monitoring important?

“A lot of stress on how incident management is managed by the organization and a consistency in decisions for violations is looked into”

- Sundar Narayanan, Director (Forensic Services) | Nexdigm

Holistic continuous monitoring involves compliance programs, processes, transaction monitoring, and Incident management. It focuses on these broad parameters:

  • Management commitment
  • The clarity in policy communication
  • Correlating risk acceptance and incentives
  • Monitoring and measuring expectations and controls
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Optimizing budget and resources

Design critical metrics to reflect expectations approved by management. Use scorecards to reassess where you stand and evolving towards.

How to leverage other functions?

Here’s how you can collaborate with other functions in an organization for improved corruption management:

  • Build relationships with various functions by understanding their business and the pressures involved
  • Understand problems and resource requirements to offer help
  • Identify knowledge gaps to fill with relevant training

What are the essentials for compliance officers to get a seat among strategic business advisors?

“Show as someone who wants to serve the business understands responsibilities and is going to support compliance within that risk regime”

- Amii Barnard, C-Suite Coach, Consultant, and Corporate Governance Expert

A seat among strategic business advisors can ease your role and help implement policies faster. Amii provided tips like:

  • Earn the trust of the stakeholders by showing care and being flexible to their influence
  • Master skills like listening, empathy, and good intent
  • Develop good business acumen
  • Ensure integration of compliance into the business functions
  • Trigger influence via leaders by communicating how compliance is relevant to their business

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