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Strategic Initiatives

We are deeply invested in streamlining operations to ensure that your expansion or strategic initiatives are handled seamlessly. We handhold clients right from the conceptualization stage to execution while offering our continued support across the entire journey.

Strategic Initiatives

While organizations are typically well-geared to manage the day-to-day aspects of business efficiently, new strategic planning initiatives tend to be complex projects with multiple work streams involved.

Pre-Investment Business Advisory Services

Our strategic business initiatives ascertain future market trends in order to create an aegis for positive revenue growth, wide operating margins, and high asset productivity for companies looking to grow in new pastures. On the foundation of strong business market research, we perform benchmark studies for businesses to ensure they can sustain growth no matter where and when they are placed, building stakeholder value and the concomitant investor confidence.

Post-Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team helps clients maintain focus on business-as-usual functions by supporting the complex, specialized task flows that accompany post-merger integration. After the successful negotiations are through, Nexdigm’s M&A advisory services give due consideration to tax, commercial, legal, cultural, and exchange control aspects, and guard your interests by negotiating exit rights that make sense.

Program Management

Our strategic planning initiatives get involved with the entire set of program management services,including the finance and regulatory services such as Tax and Secretarial compliances, Incentive Support, CFO services, Budgeting, and Forecasting, Bank Loan Syndication, Capital Structuring, Project Accounting, and more. We perform on-site support, which includes deployment for Vendor identification, liaising with various stakeholders, project monitoring, and reporting of on-ground operations, including aggregation of reporting from the PMC company

Greenfield Integration

The future of the company’s greenfield investment depends on finding a suitable location for the construction of a new manufacturing/storage facility or office space. Evaluation of a number of factors is necessary, including proximity to customers and suppliers, the cost and availability of labor, the accessibility of energy and water, etc., as well as the local incentive, regulatory, and taxation systems. Our strategic business initiatives use a detailed grading system to determine a favorability score for each geographical option for organizations intending to make a greenfield investment in India so that our clients may make the best decision

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