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Business growth is paramount. For that to actualize, your in-house teams have to be working unhindered within your core business processes. Multitasking with non-core tasks can counteract the ongoing march of shareholder value and the widening of operating margins.

Non-core business activity requires its own specialists who can assure you of quality within quick deadlines. How does Nexdigm treat non-core activities? The non-core activities of your business form the core of our business advisory services. We make it our business to help you focus on your core business.

At Nexdigm, we understand that all worthwhile opportunities come with considerable complexities. Our experts help you perfect the basic business processes so that you can focus energy and resources on getting your organization to scale up on all quality parameters.


No matter how you want to scale your business up, we have a client-centric approach to meet your requirements. Across the range of our business advisory services, Nexdigm assists several departments of corporate organizations.

We help in finance and accounting management (F&A), where we meet tax compliance deadlines, liaise with procurement teams, coordinate invoice and order fulfillment with sales teams, etc. We handle commercial operations with an emphasis on improving distributor negotiations and relationships. We manage your contracts across their lifecycles and assess them for risks, rewards, and more. We improve your day-to-day processes by identifying gaps and inefficiencies, helping you adopt robotic process automation and benchmark with best industry practices.


Our business advisory services also deal with optimizing the financial structure of companies as they evolve with the changing market economies. We reorganize your finance processes through industry benchmarking, gap analysis, and assessing automation potential. We oversee the financial flux across your supply chains, by planning for demand and supply, managing tailspend, analyzing price variance and margins, distribution networks, and warehouse inventories. And via our special methodology of Intelligent Automation and Accelerated Analytics (ia3), we implement data science and predictive analytics to optimize your processes.


We help you strategize for new ventures. Mergers and acquisitions, greenfield and brownfield investments, and other forms of program management are a major part of Nexdigm’s business consulting services. India is a haven for new business opportunities and with our expertise in the region, we help create strategic initiatives that help you assess, plan, and manage the day-to-day aspects of complex projects. We offer business advisory services pre-investment, post-mergers and acquisitions, and across a variety of business markets.


With the advantages of using technology come the operational risks. Companies want to avoid situations when their intellectual property is illegally accessed, when clients sue for loss of their private data, or when cloud migration goes south only in its initial stage.

Nexdigm provides assessments, plans, and frameworks to help organizations deal with this to scale. We cover cyber security and data privacy, technology solutions, and cloud migration. We cover cybersecurity readiness assessments, inspect regulatory compliance and governance frameworks, help maintain the data lifecycle, plan cloud migration for your apps and data, and inform any need for an ethical hacking service.

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