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Businesses opportunities and preferred chosen operating channels at times induce risks that need to be navigated in a quest to achieve operational excellence. Nexdigm applies mature risk perception, critical thinking, and solution focused actionable insights to aid decision makers in addressing new and unintended risks.

Assurance & Risk Advisory

Whether an organization wants to climb the ladder steadily or mark its place on the top, it requires good governance, secure risk mitigation strategies, and a sturdy compliance framework to create value for its stakeholders. Passion-driven business leaders often provide a realistic analysis of their vision and long-term operational policies to avoid undue traps that might jeopardize the organization as a whole. A strong foundation of fundamental Assurance and Risk Advisory (ARA) can give your company firm roots to ensure steady growth, irrespective of scale and diversity.

At Nexdigm, our ARA services are centered around client vision and objectives, as opposed to utopian standards, making our risk management services relevant and practically useful. We understand the need for constant innovation and data-driven futuristic strategies. This consequently gives leadership robust tools for efficiently monitoring operations as well as timely warnings in cases of mandated and voluntary non-compliance. We work as an extension of your company and adopt a partner-led approach for both advisory and implementation functions.

Delivery Models

Our advisory role in an organization takes the lead from a business need of self-access and innovation. This fundamental urge to continually improve forms the base of our internal audit solutions that can be leveraged in different ways.

  • Complete Outsourcing – Strategic Internal Audit (IA) solutions implemented with resources from Nexdigm
  • Co-sourcing – Resources from your organization efficiently team up with Nexdigm resources for successful strategic and operational implementation of proposed IA solutions
  • CAE Services – Nexdigm can act as the organization’s Chief Audit Executive (CAE) to focus, integrate, and communicate organizational Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) policies while optimizing the internal audit function.
  • Other bespoke models to address the specific requirements of an organization

* The term “resources” in the above context includes people, processes, methodologies, technologies, and tools required to carry out internal audit activities.

Case Studies

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