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Get future ready now. To deal with the increasingly digitized world economies, the governments, global regulators, and other stakeholders are rapidly catching up with evolving technologies, transactional and other business models, and may even be ahead of commercial organizations in embracing them. Nexdigm is well equipped to guide the digital transformation of your firm's tax organization.

Foreign Portfolio Investors

The increasingly globalized world permits investors to consider exploring foreign markets, allowing them to build a diversified portfolio, which not only helps them achieve their investment objectives but also provides attractive returns.

The Indian government offers foreign investors an opportunity to invest in Indian markets through the Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) route. The increasing attractiveness of the Indian economy and Indian securities, the large basket of securities in which FPIs can invest in, and easing of the regulatory framework have resulted in a steady increase in the number of FPIs registering in India and the quantum of FPI investments in India. While the returns from the Indian markets are attractive, FPIs need to ensure that they are tax compliant in India so that there are no surprises in the future, which could negatively impact the actual return earned from Indian securities.

Given the voluminous nature of transactions undertaken by FPIs daily, efficiency in tax compliances and tax costs are imperative factors for FPIs to optimize their post-tax returns.

Our Services

  • Structuring FPI operations from an income tax perspective
  • FPI registration
  • Permanent account number (PAN) application
  • Digital signature certificate (DSC) application
  • Regulatory and Accounting Services
  • Computation of income & tax thereon
  • Providing weekly/daily tax computation for NAV purposes
  • Issue of remittance letter/certificate
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Representation and Litigation

With an in-depth understanding of the tax and regulatory framework applicable to FPIs, the Nexdigm FPI team provides a complete bouquet of taxation services to FPIs comprising of advisory services (including advise on structuring investments into India in a tax-efficient manner), day-to-day accounting of transactions, compliance services (tax returns and remittance certificates), and representation before the tax and regulatory authorities.

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