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Transaction Advisory Services

Expansion, be it through mergers, acquistions, joint ventures or organic growth requires enhancing business capability. Success in most cases hinges on the ability to discover and analyze the missing pieces, and attention to details on the softer aspects. Nexdigm joins hands in exploring new horizons with their valued clients into the 'Next Paradigm' of their business and assist in ensuring success.


Identifying a suitable acquirer and effectively communicating the business potential is fundamental to maximize returns in a sale transaction. Our deal advisors prioritize your objective for sale or divestment while also considering the value synergies for the buyer to maximize closure probability and expedite the sale process. From evaluating the suitability of market conditions to validating the business rationale of the sale, we help you strategize what, how, and when to monetize. With an extensive team addressing commercial as well as taxation and regulatory matters, we assist you in meticulously structuring the transaction to eliminate probable risks.

Our Approach

  • Strategize and structure the divestment
  • Assist with financial modelling and valuation
  • Prepare pitch documents
  • Identify prospective acquirers and convey business potential
  • Separation planning and transaction structuring
  • Assist in term sheet negotiations
  • Aid addressal of due diligence findings
  • Negotiate terms of definitive agreements
  • Facilitate transaction closure

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