Analyzed the potential of a Circular Economy in the Automotive Sector

Client : A leading Japanese industrial conglomerate

Service Offered : Pre-investment Advisory & Market Research

Sector / Industry : Automobiles & Auto Components


A global leader in the business of chemicals and materials wanted to evaluate the market for a circular economy in India focused on the automotive sector.

The company approached Nexdigm to understand the opportunities, risks, and challenges associated with using biodegradable materials and regenerating recyclable waste for automobiles in India.


Nexdigm adopted qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gather information on the market size, segmentation, demand, and trends of the circular economy in the Indian automotive market.

We analyzed the existing value chain in the market, practices in biodegradable materials, and the opportunities in waste recycling along with the future market scenario.


Our insights helped the client understand the various aspects of a circular economy, such as traceability, waste management, and eco-design for waste management reduction with a focus on the automotive sector.

Our analysis helped the client evaluate business feasibility and their plan to enter the Indian automotive market.

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