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Transaction Advisory

Nexdigm teams hold an objective perspective that helps us build a sound understanding of the business, the transaction context, and the value of associated tangibles and intangibles. Working in tandem with our clients, we assist them in fulfilling obligatory mandates and other specific valuation needs with credible professional judgment and experience.

Due Diligence & Valuations

Growth means change, and change involves risk. Stepping out of the known into the unknown always carries a risk of failure. To thrive with such risk, it is important to have accurate and timely intelligence. A professionally executed due diligence process equips investors, partners, and lenders with an effective and comprehensive snapshot that helps gauge financial, organizational, and reputational risks.

Our Services

  • Financial and Tax Due Diligence
  • Vendor Diligence
  • Vendor and Data Room Assistance
  • IT Compliance, Risk Advisory
  • Forensic, Integrity, and Background Checks
  • Commercial Due Diligence

A simple and efficient software that is hassle-free is the first choice for every organization. But is this software making your business processes slower? Is this software the most efficient one in the market? Is this software completely secure?

The technology used by an organization is a vital factor in determining the level of productivity. Understanding your organizational needs and helping you choose technology that complements your business process is what we excel at. We help you determine the right choice from a range of available options impacting requirements, development time, and budget. Our experts help you understand the variety of options available and how these options can be optimally utilized to suit your needs.

Buy SideSell Side
  • Through our thorough analysis, we help investors identify surprises, bridge the information gap, and maximize returns on deals.
  • We validate the transaction through a 360-degree approach considering all financial, commercial, and operational parameters.
  • Prepare for pitfalls and achieve the highest value possible by creating an effective roadmap.
  • Our support boosts credibility and increases the attraction of potential buyers.
  • We assist by capitalizing on potential synergies arising from the proposed/underlying transaction. Our diligence output helps prepare definitive agreements, representations, warranties, indemnities, disclosure schedules, and purchase price adjustment mechanisms.
  • When contemplating the sale of your business, you must ensure that your side of the due diligence has been handled correctly. Our vendor assistance service helps sellers prepare and position themselves to meet the challenges posed by buyers during the acquisition process.

We help decision-makers confidently navigate the complexities of buying a business while unlocking value at every stage.

Our due diligence service provides an insider’s perspective and comfort to decision-makers as we analyze and validate all financial, tax, and commercial parameters that must be considered before finalizing a transaction.

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