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Transaction Advisory

Expansion, be it through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or organic growth requires enhancing business capability. Success in most cases hinges on the ability to discover and analyze the missing pieces, and attention to details on the softer aspects. Nexdigm joins hands in exploring new horizons with their valued clients into the 'Next Paradigm' of their business.

Transaction Support

Inorganic growth can provide a much-needed boost to a company’s capabilities. However, India can be a challenging environment for concluding deals, and these opportunities are handled with great care and expertise.

One of the greatest impediments to a successful transaction is failing to identify the correct partner. We believe that successful deals are those that result in win-win situations for all parties involved. With this in mind, we assist our clients in assessing a business’s strategic fit by evaluating potential synergies that would catalyze the achievement of long-term business objectives. Our strong multinational client base along with our association with trade bodies and global networks gives us a strategic edge that augments our ability to identify a suitable partner.

Equally crucial for the transaction’s success is the collective execution of all activities across its lifecycle and the skills to discover the missing pieces. With extensive experience in cross-border deals and a thorough understanding of ground realities, our approach ensures seamless end-to-end execution of transactions with various objectives, such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, management buyouts, divestitures, spin-offs, and strategic alliances.

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