Steven Younts
Senior Global Business Adviser


At Nexdigm, Steven mentors the leadership team with a focus on Supply Chain and Operational Excellence practices. He assists global strategic initiatives, strengthening existing client relationships (especially in the US) and generating new opportunities. As an ambassador for the firm, he helps build a robust ecosystem for success in global markets.

Steven is a seasoned operations professional and a leader in Global Supply Chain management with nearly four decades of experience. He has an extensive background in Operations Management across the US and other geographies. His experience includes setting up manufacturing and distribution facilities, establishing and managing complex supply chains, and developing global sourcing networks for raw materials and finished products. Steven has successfully built high-performance teams, driven cost savings, and favorable financial results, and established robust long-term operational strategies.

Steven has held leadership positions in operations and strategy with American Hospital Supply Corporation, Baxter Healthcare, Allegiance Healthcare, Cardinal Healthcare, and most recently led Global Supply Chain Management at Hollister Incorporated.

He has expertise in facilitating the corporate Sales and Operations Planning process at an enterprise level. Some of the key projects that he has led include:

  • Successful implementation of a domestic (USA) centralized distribution operations;
  • Transition from an existing international (Europe) distribution facility to new larger location;
  • Set up a medical manufacturing facility in India and achieving expected project savings;
  • Developed global contract manufacturing sources for procurement of finished goods, supported by well-negotiated supply agreements (for direct raw materials, indirect spending, and logistics services).

Steve resides in Littleton, Colorado. He is an avid golfer and enjoys the activities available in the beautiful front range of the Rocky Mountains. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

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