Virender Bhasin
Executive Director – Entity Set-up & Management


With over two decades of experience, Virender leads the Entity Set-up & Management practice at Nexdigm. He is an accomplished, result-oriented leader and focuses on achieving measurable business growth. His expertise lies in setting up business, financial, and commercial operations across industries.

Virender’s key responsibilities include managing the overall operations of the practice, handling key accounts and facilitating business transformation. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of business strategy, supply chain and commercial operations, financial accounting and planning as well as risk management. He excels at analyzing existing processes and systems to devise notable enhancements while driving revenue growth and significant cost-savings.

Prior to joining Nexdigm, Virender worked at a leading multinational consulting firm where he played a pivotal role in defining detailed SOPs and processes to ensure effective delivery of services in compliance of statutory and internal control requirements. He was also instrumental in streamlining the service delivery process with effective internal and external stakeholder management, where he drove the digitalization and automation of several services and processes.

He has worked extensively with Managing Directors, CFOs, and Senior Legal Advisors of major multinational companies. Virender’s approach towards projects involves a unique blend of automation and operational excellence, helping him address the diverse needs of clients across geographies.

Virender completed his Master’s of Commerce from Delhi University (India) and is a certified Cost and Work Accountant.

On a personal note, he enjoys traveling, driving, singing, and listening to music.

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