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Technology Advisory

Technology is a key enabler of transformation and will exponentially drive the growth of companies. However, with each company comes unique technological requirements. Nexdigm helps businesses understand technology best-practices, choose the most appropriate technology enabler and traverse the interconnected world with confidence.

Technology Advisory

As the years go by, the gap between business and technology is slowly converging. However, to find a software that suits the needs of your organization and is tailor made for you is not easy. Factors like data security, compatibility and productivity play a huge role in selecting and implementing a new software in your organization.

A simple and efficient software that is hassle-free is the first choice for every organization. But is this software making your business process slower? Is this software the most efficient one you can find? Is this software completely secure?

The technology used by an organization is a vital factor in determining the level of productivity. Understanding your organizational needs and helping you choose technology that complements your business process is what we at Nexdigm excel at. We help you determine the right choices from a range of available options impacting requirements, development time and budget. Our experts help you understand the variety of options available and how these options can be optimally utilized.

Mayank Lakhani Senior Managing Director – Assurance Advisory, Indirect Tax, and GCC Region
Board Member – Nexdigm Consulting Limited (UAE)

With over two decades of experience, Mayank leads the Assurance Advisory and Indirect Tax verticals at Nexdigm. He also spearheads Nexdigm’s growth in the GCC Region.

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Krishnanand Bhat Director – Technology Advisory

With over two decades of experience in diverse industries, Krishnanand (Krish) leads Technology Advisory services at Nexdigm which includes cyber security and data protection. His ability to ideate and translate…

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