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Technology is a key enabler of transformation and will exponentially drive the growth of companies. However, with each company comes unique technological requirements. Nexdigm help businesses understand technology best-practices, choose the most appropriate technology enabler and traverse the interconnected world with confidence.

Hacking as a Service

Our state-of-the-art inhouse Ethical Hacking Lab is designed to conduct Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests along with Secure Code reviews to help you identify and pre-empt attacks before they strike.

The digital era has exposed the world to the unforgiving side of the web. Entities, Governments, and Nations can be held at ransom by merely sitting in the confines of ones’ home. Organizations face the challenge of updating hack-preventing tactics as well as installing several technologies to protect the system before falling victim to a hacker.

Our Hacking as a Service solutions aim to help you answer the following crucial questions:

  • What are the kind of vulnerabilities that an attacker can see?
  • What application/system would a hacker be most interested to access?
  • How would the information be used?
  • How can the vulnerability be fixed?

The results of our ethical hacking solutions help you:

  • Identify Vulnerabilities – Get into the shoes of hacker to identify vulnerabilities
  • Secure Network – Implement a secure network architecture to minimize the probability of an attack
  • Create a Robust Defense System – Build stronger and more resilient defense mechanism to defend against any threat
  • Build client/customer trust – A secure and stable security mechanism will strengthen client trust and help build stronger relationships with your client

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