GCC Session 3 - Catalyze transformations and take advantage of multi-functional GCCs

Nov 17, 2021

Start Date : Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021

End Date : Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021

Time (IST) : 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Time (UTC) : 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Services Offered : Business Process Management,

Speaker(s) : Marc Lessem, Alpana Shirgaonkar, Jasjit Singh, Deepak Sharma, Misha Arefiev, Sukanya Roy

This webinar talks about utilizing multifunctional GCCs for an organization’s growth.

You can view our first session of this series on what makes India a preferred destination for GCCs and the second session on various operating models and evolution for GCCs along with the cyber resilience framework.

Transitioning from single to multifunctional GCCs

“A GCC is set up with the aim of cost reduction, centralization and standardization of processes, however, as they scale up, they gain potential to be multifunctional to serve the strategic goals of the organization.”

- Marc Lesson, Senior Executive Director, North America Sales, and Marketing, Nexdigm

This transition takes place as follows:

  • Create a pilot by working on a single function GCC
  • Scale up that function till it is stabilized
  • Set up the remaining functions
  • Centralize and standardize the overall processes to efficiencies at a global level
  • Improve process efficiencies using technology and automation

Many organizations go with matured functions like Finance, HR and IT to start with, and then slowly scale to other functions like research, customer support, etc.

How to leverage Multi-Functional GCCs?

“We are looking into first of all to get full understanding and alignment with what we as a customer want from GCC and then fully understand what we are trying to achieve short term, medium term, and also long term.”

- Misha Arefiev, Sr. Supply Chain Leader

Multi-functional GCCs play a crucial role in:

  • Supporting digital transformation and automation
  • Upskilling the workforce due to which GCCs become a breeding ground for CFOs and CIOs
  • Supporting global leaders in decision making
  • Providing support for strategic growth and innovation
  • Acting as a global data bank across multiple functions
  • Monitoring project timelines, reporting, and analysis

What are the advantages of multifunctional GCCs?

GCCs contribute with industry knowledge and expertise, project management, and change management. Apart from this, GCCs provide:

  • A better knowledge of the local markets to make business decisions, hence providing more flexible and faster execution capabilities
  • An opportunity to inculcate cross-functional innovation
  • An opportunity to hire multi-skilled talent
  • An opportunity to design a future model for the organization

When to outsource or create in-house functions?

The ideal end state of these functions is defined that serves as a discussion guide with the leadership and stakeholders to make the final decision. These criteria include:

  • Agility: how important is it to be able to scale the process up and down
  • Capability: what are the particular skillsets required specifically for the company or widely available in the markets
  • Cost certainty: are cost predictions required or understand to what extent the financial metrics need to be locked in
  • Time: how quickly one needs to execute
  • Talent: maintaining relationships and future with the talent
  • Engagement: how heavy is the business engagement
  • Differentiation: what is core and context - how is your business going to differentiate as you move forward with the activity? One might want to retain activities with significant impact or simply outsource.

With respect to these criteria, the opportunity of outsourcing v/s in-house is plotted to make the final decision.

How to overcome challenges with GCCs?

Service providers can adopt these strategies as shared by Alpana Shirgaonkar, Senior Executive Director - Business Process Management

  • Set up a robust governance framework with clients to understand their priorities, varying needs, undertake performance reviews, share ideas and discuss issues
  • Build processes and teams which are agile, future-ready, and backed by detailed documentation
  • Use visualization tools to have real-time visibility on performance
  • Focus on leadership, talent, knowledge retention by applying good people process practices, training, and upskilling
  • Adapt quickly to changing trends and think creatively beyond available solutions in the market
  • Ensure good people skills to drive change and collaborate
  • Educate and handhold the client about opportunities and challenges

In the end, multifunctional GCCs are great for catalyzing transformation, being relevant by going global and driving business growth. Connect with the right leadership and build a good brand to attract the right talent to help you with the process.

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