ISACA Bangalore Chapter 2021 Annual Conference

Sep 04, 2021

Start Date : Saturday, Sep 04, 2021

End Date : Saturday, Sep 04, 2021

Time (IST) : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Time (UTC) : 09:30 PM - 06:30 AM

Services Offered :

Speaker(s) : Krishnanand Bhat, Ashok Prabhu

The ISACA Bangalore Chapter 2021 webinar began with an overview of the different challenges that come with adapting to a cyber landscape.

Ashok Prabhu - Chief Executive, Sales, Value Point System, and highlighted the importance of regularly monitoring one’s cyber risk position. Since this field is highly dynamic, no amount of cyber risk insurance would make up for the loss incurred by a cyberattack victim. This is especially true for ransomware attacks.

Bobby Sandeep - AVP, Technology, Value Point System talked about the ‘Zerotrust’ framework – how it started, the objectives it was meant to fulfill, and the benefits of its implementation. Based on his experience, he shared his findings on why customers chose to implement the Zerotrust framework.

Since the cloud is fairly open-source, it is liable to a wide range of attacks. The panelists then share their perspectives on some of the cloud security domains. Here, they state how important it is to monitor identities.

The presentation then covers the critical cyber security services, the evolution of the Cyber-Security Operations Center (C-SOC), the next-generation Security Operations Center (SOC), the Value Point Managed security services platform, and the top 10 breaches prevention best practices. And with that, the first segment of the webinar ends.

The second segment of the webinar begins with Krishnanand Bhat - Director, Technology Advisory, Nexdigm, addressing the roots of ISACA and how it successfully grew over the years. He then proceeds to distinguish between trustworthy vendors and how the true solution for cyber risk is in understanding the kind of risks rather than just switching vendors. He continued the discussion by giving a brief overview of the number of breaches that resulted in the initial phase of the pandemic.

Krishnanand then uncovers the major attack trends in 2020, with phishing attacks being one of the most popular forms. He states that these attacks catch people at their weakest moments and exploit them in various ways, such as spear phishing, targeted phishing, and spamming.

Krishnanand talks about applications having backdoors and how this serves as a double-edged sword for the users. He then talks about some of the drawbacks of the Zerotrust architecture and what the users should be cautious of. He concludes his presentation by unfolding the steps that would help build a secure cyber environment.

The next segment began with Anand Trivedi - Head, APAC Cyber Security, Cyberproof explaining the various benefits of introducing a virtual analyst and how this implementation will help quickly and efficiently resolve cyberattack incidents and gather information from different tools. Anand continues by explaining the evolvement of security operations over the years, questions one needs to ask themselves when considering practicing cyber security for an organization.

Anand continues the presentation by talking about how one can measure the effectiveness of their SOC, how the SOC has moved to the cloud, the Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), and how to keep up with the changing attack scenarios. He also points out several interesting ways one can enhance their SOC.

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