People and Culture

Nexdigm is an ‘employee-owned and employee-centric’ organization. The organization has been built on a ‘Culture of Care’, which is a core value for us. Nexdigm offers multi-faceted growth opportunities to focused and driven professionals. Our culture offers a favorable learning environment to take your professional skills to the next level. Combined with our performance-based orientation, our culture provides unbiased and equitable opportunities for all.

Learning initiatives at Nexdigm are calendared and categorized as Behavioral, Technical, and Compliance. Depending on the development need and upskilling required, interventions are designed to ensure our people are constantly learning.

The key tenets of our organization's success lies in hard work, commitment and perseverance. Nexdigm acknowledges the performance of our associates in both intrinsic and extrinsic ways. Our Rewards & Recognition program provides a platform to acknowledge and appreciate efforts in a fair and timely manner. Associates, who have been with us for a longer duration hold a special place in our collective history. As a gesture of appreciation to thank our associates and celebrate their tenure, we have long service awards for the completion of 5, 10, 15, and 20 years' of association with Nexdigm.

We believe that it is due to the consistent efforts of our associates that we are able to successfully evolve to the scale and repute that we have today. That is exactly why we are committed to nurturing our ‘Culture of Care’ in every aspect.

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