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Apart from day-to-day operations, businesses have to deal with many business situations that bring their own sets of challenges and require different execution skills.

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The risks associated with these situations are diverse and, at times, exponentially more significant than routine operations. Such projects require cross-functional teams, consultants, and even different companies on either side of the transaction to collaborate. These stakeholders would have their agendas, priorities, and action plans. The success of such transactions depends on the coordination across teams for identifying, escalating and resolving issues while ensuring there is timely and proper communication. Quick, coherent, and unbiased on-ground reporting to bring out relevant issues and enable informed decision-making from the top management is critical. An efficient solution is to have an experienced, multidisciplinary Project Management team with the experience of resolving issues common to such situations.

Our dedicated team of experts at Nexdigm has experience in managing a variety of large transactions/projects. We understand the issues and risks associated with these situations and know how to mitigate them. We have the relevant experience for every step of the lifecycle and have developed tools and templates to ensure optimal execution of the project. We are also supported by an experienced multidisciplinary team of consultants and experts who provide their perspective on the varied tax, legal, operational, financial, and strategic aspects.

Being well-versed with the various facets of project management, we can provide step-by-step assistance throughout the transaction, right from strategizing to executing and closing the transaction.

Our strategic tasks include creating a roadmap, execution plan, budget, and timeline while execution-related tasks include monitoring, tracking, reporting, identifying and communicating risks and issues, and interacting with consultants. If the need arises, we are prepared to fill any gaps in terms of consulting or execution at any point in time during the project.

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