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Quality at Nexdigm is an act that is in-built within the design of each and everything that we do. Our efforts are directed towards not just doing things right the first time, but every time.

We incorporate a mix of Quality Planning, Quality Control and inbuilt Quality Assurance into every assignment to ensure superior service delivery. This quality-centric approach is driven by our focus on continual improvement.

To achieve excellence through quality is to embrace the future of quality. It is paramount that our associates make the vital connection between quality excellence and the ability to thrive in disruption. Nexdigmers use quality principles to enable transformation and growth by integrating People, Processes, Technology with organization mindset and behaviors.

As a multidisciplinary organization with a strong global presence across countries and continents, we at Nexdigm incorporate meticulous quality standards with the passion and purpose to confidently sail through turbulent business complexities.

With a legacy of over six decades of experience, we imbibe and deliver quality results that enable our clients to achieve operational excellence, practice effective management oversight, and foster continual improvement by setting up high-performance standards while ensuring the perennial growth of businesses.

To accentuate, we adeptly initiate and implement progressive strategies to achieve accurate and productive results in each project and assignment.

The Quality Approach at Nexdigm (ADMIRe)

The Quality Approach at Nexdigm

Aligning to the need to move beyond documentation and find the right balance between Processes, People, Performance Measures and Organizational mind-sets, we have adopted the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ as a default behavior to drive growth.

Quality Digitalization

Quality Digitalization has been adopted at an organizational level to promote quality, strengthen the quality culture, and draw inspiration for meaningful engagement. By allocating values across the quality spectrum, digitizing the intricacies of the quality approach, and analyzing the results, we seek to bring out the best quality for the organization to stay future-ready.

Nexdigm also invests in knowledge-sharing sessions, regular appreciations for demonstrating high quality, and participation in external forums happen to shorten the learning curve in our ‘quest for excellence’ to result in happier internal and external customers.

As a trusted global partner, quality is of paramount to us. We are ISO/IEC 270001 certified for Information Security and ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management.

We comply with GDPR and use a Personal Information Management System under the BS10012:2017 Standard.

Information Security Management System Under ISO 27001:2013 Personal Information Management System Under BS 10012 Quality Management System Under ISO 9001:2015

We have also been recognized in the Everest Peak Matrix for Finance & Accounting (FAO) and Procurement Outsourcing (PO) services. In addition, Nexdigm has been featured in the ISG Provider Lens for Procurement BPO and Transformation Services.

 Personal Information Management System Under BS 10012 Quality Management System Under ISO 9001:2015

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