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Pre-Investment Advisory & Market Research

The dynamic, rapidly changing business environment necessitates that long-term strategic options for enterprise growth be carefully evaluated and planned. Our Market Research team helps you make informed choices and better strategic decisions, as you Think Next!

Pre-Investment Advisory & Market Research

Before a business commits to investing in a country, they must be aware of the tax, regulatory, and legal framework that they will be entering. However, on-ground realities are equally important to consider which may vary according to geography and region.

There are also several state- and sector-specific incentives that can play a vital role in the success or failure of a company. At Nexdigm, we have the knowledge and experience to support you in your growth plan and assess the plethora of opportunities with a critical eye, keeping in mind your expansion objectives.

Our pre-investment advisory and market research services include:

Business Feasibility Study

We help clients understand the current market scenario and help predict future market trends. This is imperative for companies looking to grow continuously. We also facilitate businesses by providing benchmark studies while focusing on regulatory aspects to ensure they can grow sustainably.

Business Plan Support

A robust business plan can chart the future of growth for the company and create an impressive first impression on investors. We focus on building an efficient, long-term business plan in line with our client’s goals.


Incentives are available in many forms but the main types of incentives are capital grants, exemptions, tax/cost reimbursements and utility tariff reduction. Many countries offer these incentives to new industrial investments as well as for extending existing manufacturing operations. We assist our clients by identifying and analyzing incentives that may be available for the proposed setup. We also support clients in claiming the eligible incentives from the respective government authorities.

Incorporation of an entity

While there are usually a number of different entity types available, selecting the right form of entity has critical implications on the growth potential, tax-based compliances, and legal/financial liabilities. At Nexdigm, we assist clients by evaluating each entity type and recommending the entity that best suits the client’s operational and administrative goals.

Location Planning, Scouting, and Acquisition

Our Location Planning services evaluate several relevant parameters, such as government incentives, supply chain (considering proximity to customers, and suppliers), modes of transport available, real estate costs, talent availability, etc. We employ a thorough grading mechanism so that our clients can make the most appropriate choice. Nexdigm can also support you in acquiring your preferred location by obtaining the required documentation, providing legal support and liaising with government authorities.

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