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Pre-Investment Advisory & Market Research

The dynamic, rapidly changing business environment necessitates that long-term strategic options for enterprise growth be carefully evaluated and planned. Our Market Research team helps you make informed choices and better strategic decisions, as you Think Next!

Pre-Investment Advisory & Market Research

In today's fast-paced world, it is critical for businesses to stay abreast of market trends, changing consumer needs, competition, and other factors that impact the business. Meeting customer demands along with maintaining brand and product relevance are key elements to sustain and thrive in the ever-evolving global economy. Market insights provide companies with information about the dynamic landscape and customer preferences. Through systematic data collection, organization, and analysis, businesses can make better, more informed decisions.

Before committing to invest in a country, organizations must be aware of the market, tax, regulatory, legal framework, and much more. It is also imperative for them to have a know-how of on-ground realities, which may vary according to the geography and the region.

At Nexdigm, we have the knowledge and experience to help you assess market opportunities with a critical eye while keeping in mind your business objectives, be it entry, expansion, or subsistence . With our expansive consulting experience, a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, and various local and global data sources, we deliver customized, comprehensive, in-depth market research reports to ensure that your advisory and research needs are not only met, but also act as a footboard to launch your organization into the next paradigm of business. Our services offer an independent perspective to help your business identify key issues and challenges while considering local regulations, trends, and consumer preferences to ensure we deliver information that meets your requirements and adds value to your growth story.

Pre-Investment Advisory

While entering a new market, it is critical for businesses and investors to comprehensively analyze and evaluate opportunities to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and maximize potential returns. Our capabilities within pre-investment advisory include:

Business Feasibility: We help clients understand the investment landscape, assess financial viability, analyze market trends, and provide recommendations on strategies based on the client's objectives, risk tolerance, and resources.

Advisory on Jurisdiction of Investment: While making an investment decision, it is critical to assess the most efficient route of investment based on immediate and future operations to be conducted. Such assessment can ensure maximization of benefits of international tax treaties and bilateral arrangements that could make the investment opportunity more lucrative.

Advisory on Entity of Incorporation: We help clients understand the available entity structures and recommend the model that best suits their local mandate.

Business Plan Creation and Vetting: Our focus is to help clients build efficient, long-term business plans in line with their goals, bringing in much-needed local perspective, analyzing the implications of the law and relevant economics, ensuring a relevant and realistic business plan is created.

Location Planning: Our analysis includes a thorough grading mechanism so that clients can make the most appropriate choice in acquiring their preferred location, as we provide the necessary legal support and liaise with government authorities as required.

Market Research

It is crucial for international companies to understand the market dynamics, consumer behaviors, and preferences to identify potential opportunities, evaluate demand, and develop effective strategies. Our customized market research reports help businesses uncover insights regarding customer preferences, market trends, competitive landscape, and potential opportunities or threats. Our focus is to provide a deeper, unbiased understanding of the market environment in which one wants to operate. Our market research capabilities include:

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Market Intelligence: We help clients assess their target market and the future of the market while outlaying its size, analyzing segments, identifying growth drivers and associated challenges, exploring regional trends, and examining the best practices in the industry.

Competitive Intelligence: While entering or expanding in a market, it is important for businesses to know their competition and evaluate their market share. We profile competitors and benchmark their price, positioning, financial performance, and much more to gear our clients with insights to help them effectively strategize their growth plans.

Consumer Assessment: Understanding various aspects of consumer needs is key to tailoring marketing and sales strategies, developing products, and creating brand experiences. Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, such as surveys, interviews, observations, and data analysis, we help clients understand their customer segment, their consumption patterns, and key factors that influence purchase decisions. Our objective is to provide valuable insights to enable our clients to develop strategies that effectively engage with their target audience.

Go-To-Market Strategy: In order to sustain and grow in any market, businesses must have a successful go-to-market strategy. We help clients gain market and industry insights, conduct a value chain analysis, assess performance and risks, evaluate entry barriers and regulatory considerations, and work as an extended team to craft successful go-to-market strategies.

Partner Enablement: In a highly competitive commerce environment, companies need to be equipped and empowered with business partnerships, such as distributors, resellers, or channel partners, to be able to effectively trade, engage with customers, and drive business growth. We have extensive experience helping businesses conduct tailored distributor searches, facilitate business matchmaking, strengthen resources, and support sales enablement.

We kickstart our assignments with a thorough understanding of our client's business coupled with active interactions to foster a climate of trust that enables us to provide solutions that extend far beyond our contractual obligations. We carefully examine our client’s problem statement and apply primary and secondary research methodologies supported by tools, databases, analytical models and frameworks, etc. to draw robust conclusions. We aim to deliver an independent, unbiased view of thorough market intelligence and insights to help our clients make informed strategic decisions and thrive in a new business environment.

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