Product Feasibility Survey for a Global Japanese Conglomerate

Client : A leading Japanese Conglomerate

Service Offered : Pre-investment Advisory & Market Research

Sector / Industry : Machinery


A Japanese company with over 140 years of presence and operations across various business lines such as energy, building and infrastructure, electronic devices, and digital solutions approached Nexdigm to understand the business dynamics associated with the Indian market, particularly concerning Spot Welding Devices.


We first set out to gather information to create a comprehensive report. A detailed analysis of the information sourced was completed using multiple surveys and cold calls across the entirety of India.

To conduct the surveys, we prepared an exhaustive list of potential OEMs and tier-one suppliers in the Indian Auto and Auto-Component Market. We then created a detailed questionnaire based on the survey information and observations.


Our detailed analysis helped the client understand the popularity of non-destructive testing, especially for spot welding devices, its pricing, and the seasonality of demand.

Our thoroughly researched insights helped the client revamp their product pricing strategy for the Indian market.

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