Evaluation of Market Dynamics for EP and PP Compound Goods in India for a Multinational Japanese Chemical Company

Client : A Leading Japanese Industrial Conglomerate

Service Offered : Pre-investment Advisory & Market Research

Sector / Industry : Chemicals


A global leader from Japan in the production of chemicals and materials approached Nexdigm to understand the demand for Engineering Plastic (EP) and Polypropylene (PP) compound goods in India in order to evaluate whether to set up operations. The study's objective was to evaluate the potential opportunities for the client.


Nexdigm prepared a detailed report highlighting the size, structure, segmentation, and growth drivers in India's EP and PP market.

The team conducted extensive primary and secondary research to obtain critical information about the market which was further analyzed to provide market intelligence.


The client benefitted from our analysis which factored in essential aspects such as market demand and potential of Engineering Plastic and Polypropylene (EP and PP) compound goods in India.

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