Hydrogen Energy Assessment for a Multinational Japanese Chemical Company

Client : A leading Japanese industrial conglomerate

Service Offered : Pre-investment Advisory & Market Research

Sector / Industry : Renewable Energy


A Japanese industrial conglomerate dealing with the production of chemicals and materials approached Nexdigm to support them with a holistic and comprehensive market study concerning energy transition to Hydrogen (H2) in India.

The client wanted to understand India's current and future position regarding energy from H2, the pros and cons of adopting H2 in India, along with the potential to embrace alternative technologies such as biofuel and Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS).


Nexdigm conducted a comprehensive market research study to understand the market overview of hydrogen energy along with the status of the adoption of other alternative fuels and technologies by India to reduce its carbon emissions.

The Nexdigm team identified key stakeholders and determined their contribution and role in the industry. We also conducted industry mapping (Government bodies and Institutions, Research Institutes, India Energy, Heavy Engineering Companies, and Startups) to provide a holistic understanding of the market.


Our insights helped the client understand the current status of hydrogen energy in India and the possible future opportunities.

Our report also provided a holistic overview of the government initiatives, policies, and key stakeholders in the value chain more comprehensively which facilitated informed decision-making for the client

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