Supported the IT division of a logistics company with the utilization of surplus profits

Client : Subsidiary of a Danish Shipping and Logistics Company

Service Offered : Entity Set-up & Management

Sector / Industry : Transportation


Our client is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Danish shipping and logistics company. They provide IT support, software development, and back-office services to its group companies.


Provided a comparative table of Dividend Distribution vis-a-vis buy-back of shares with the following details:

  • Total receipt in the hands of the shareholder
  • Total outflow to the company
  • Credit for Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) to shareholders
  • Tax payable by way of DDT/buy-back tax for shareholders
  • Permissible limit for buy-back of shares
  • Value price for buy-back of shares and its implication under the Income Tax Act

With our guidance, the client could take a calculated decision on buy-back and dividend distribution.

The comparative table created by the Nexdigm team helped their Corporate team get a quick glance at the available options, thus enabling them to make effortless decisions.

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