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Commercial Operations

Nexdigm’s Business Process Management (BPM) team is your partner in delivering innovation. By deploying best-in-class delivery frameworks, we ensure operational stability and improved profitability through reductions in direct cost and revenue leakage.

Commercial Operations

Distributors are a critical component within any company’s sales ecosystem. They not only help the company achieve its targets, but also are critical while understanding consumer mindset.

Dealers typically liaise with multiple functions within a company (sales, finance, legal, etc.) resulting in numerous contact points. This often leads to confusion, dissatisfaction, and escalations. These situations often have a direct impact on sales, order fulfillment, etc.

Companies, on the other hand, view these interactions as non-critical processes. Managing distributor relationships invariably results in the sales team spending more time on resolving issues rather than their core focus related to strategy formulation and execution.

In addition, companies must also ensure that all transactions with distributors are aligned to company policies. Compliance is a key aspect that companies need to keep in mind while driving sales or marketing efforts.

In short, companies must actively manage distributor relationships to meet their growth, control, or compliance objectives. This is where we step in.

Our technology-based solutions and process-driven approach helps clients streamline activities and focus on the most crucial aspects. We help achieve the fine balance between compliance and commercial activities.

Our Services

  • Contract Administration
    Ensure all contracts with distributors are valid, enforceable, and compliant while managing commercial risks.
  • Master Data Management
    Ensure due diligence is carried out in terms of creation, edits, and management of customer data in the ERP.
  • Sales Order Release
    Deep dive into orders on hold, scrutinizing all factors involved and ensuring necessary approvals/documentation are received to release the orders.
  • Cash Application
    Timely application of open invoices to ensure accurate outstanding statements.
  • Claims Processing
    Timely processing of claims raised by distributors for sales promotion activities.
  • Secondary Sales Data Management & Reporting
    We use technology and analytical tools to ascertain the accuracy and visibility of secondary sales data which improves decision-making.
  • Distributor-related Compliance
    Ensuring compliance with organizational policies in terms of IT security, inventory management, and quality control.

The Nexdigm Advantage

With a dedicated team of techno-commercial specialists, Nexdigm has the manpower, technology, and experience to handle numerous third-party transactions, including commercial processes, compliances, and audits. Our experts have managed commercial operations for mid-sized enterprises, large-scale multinational companies (MNCs), and Fortune 500 companies across industries and sectors.

  • Improved Distributor Satisfaction
    Faster processing of claims and unified helpdesk to manage all administrative responsibilities thereby improving distributor satisfaction.
  • Improved Credit Control & Audit Ratings
    Rule- and approval-based order release, strict adherence to compliance measures, and audit support in all activities enabling reduction in audit queries and improved credit control.
  • Business Continuity
    Proactive management of agreements ensuring that renewals are taken up well in advance hence preventing business interruption.
  • Risk Management
    Independent and robust verification of documents and timely action giving more control over elements such as revenue leakages and frauds.
  • Improved Efficiency of Sales Force
    Sales force is freed from administrative responsibilities such as collections, queries etc. They have more time to focus on their core business; primary sales and marketing execution.
  • Focused Finance Management
    Finance executives are freed from voluminous and recurrent tasks of transaction processing so that they can focus more on core F&A operations.

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