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Operations & Finance Transformation

Successful transformations can radically improve service delivery. Our associates in Supply Chain, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Sciences work with your teams to re-imagine and digitally re-engineer your core operations, and maximize cross-functional synergies.

Operations & Finance Transformation

Nexdigm’s finance transformation services help businesses monitor and plan for inevitable changes in their market needs and strategies.

With expertise in services ranging across all matters of financial intelligence in business, such as accounting management, supply chain management, intelligent automation and accelerated analytics (ia3), and MIS reporting, we are equipped to deal with the various changes required of your company to create more revenue growth, a competitive advantage, and a greater market share.

Companies Progress Best Under Financial Data Analytics

We make sure your business does not remain stagnant and that you gain the maximum value out of its financial system. Our philosophy is that all business functions should center around finance before the company can progress in any positive direction. We oversee performance management, budgeting, forecasting, profitability understanding, and more.

We propose a data-driven culture where KPI frameworks and predictive financial analytics set up the future of your company, coming up with "what if" scenarios that inform spending and investments for greater ROI. Financial and MIS reporting needs to become a general operation so that all your financial data support visualization, planning, and concomitant process improvements for the company’s success.

Nexdigm’s Three-part Transformation Process

Our team is steeped in the operation and understanding of technology and how to utilize it to implement business transformation strategies.

Our business operations transformation services have three parts.

Finance Reorganization

  • Analyzing Job Responsibilities 
  • Scorecards for Gap Analysis
  • Strategizing & Benchmarking   
  • Financial Process Digitization 
  • Recommending a Revised Structure 

Finance Process Optimization

  • Journey Mapping of Q2C, O2C, & R2R
  • Revenue Recognition Digitally Customized
  • Credit Risk, Planning, and Forecasting
  • Design of KPI Frameworks 
  • Design of KPI Frameworks 

Finance Process Automation

  • Financial Data Management
  • Financial Analytics Implementation
  • Financial Applications Modernization
  • Finance Applications Integration, Automation & AI
  • Integration of Applications with Departments
  • Data Visualization via Dashboards

Nexdigm helps bring about business operations transformation for companies in order to maintain their high market values in a world whose microeconomics move as fast as the sun. We uphold a finance-first philosophy while developing operating models, improving core technologies, and streamlining departmental performance.

Our finance transformation services consultation is for those organizations that want to revamp their finance processes to save on costs, enhance efficiency, and improve stakeholder experiences.

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