All vacancies open at Nexdigm are listed in the Current Openings section of our careers website. Candidates have the option of refining search based on job function, location or keywords.

If you have applied for a job at Nexdigm through our Current Openings section, a message of your successful applcation will be displayed on the page post submission. Once your profile is found suitable, our recruiters shall get in touch with you regarding the current openings at Nexdigm.

The criterion is mentioned in the Job Description published with the position on the Careers Page. One can go through the same and apply if you consider yourself a good candidate.

If your profile is found suitable for the position, our recruitment team shall get in touch with you. As we receive a large number of applications, a situation may arise where the position gets closed prior to your application (as we process profiles on a first come first serve basis).

Your recruiter can help you understand the specific timeline of the opening you've applied for. You should hear back from them with a status update within a week of your interview.

All our practices/functions have defined career grids establishing a growth path for our associates. Depending on the practice/function, the recruiter would provide clarity in the beginning of the hiring process.

We do have an employee referral program and encourage you to reach out to any friends or former colleagues who are currently a part of Nexdigm to have them recommend you for the position.

Nexdigm is an ‘employee-owned and employee-centric’ organization. We are built on the core value of ‘A culture of care’. We offer multi-faceted growth opportunities to focused and driven professionals. Our culture offers a favorable learning environment to groom your professional skills. Combined with its performance-based orientation, our culture provides unbiased and equitable opportunities for all.

Learning initiatives are calendared and categorized as Behavioral, Technical and Compliance-based. Depending on the development need and upskilling required of the required associate, interventions are designed to keep the learner at the core of our growth initiatives. These interventions are planned and executed in line with all practices/functions.

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Reach out to us at ThinkNext@nexdigm.com