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Technology Advisory

Technology is a key enabler of transformation and will exponentially drive the growth of companies. However, with each company comes unique technological requirements. Nexdigm help businesses understand technology best-practices, choose the most appropriate technology enabler and traverse the interconnected world with confidence.

Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Cyber Security

The extensive use and dependency on internet enabled devices, has led to rapid growth in cyber culture. The need and impact of cybersecurity, however, is not growing at the same pace. When it comes to the cyber ecosystem, there is no differentiation between the types of data that pass through. Personal, confidential, private, public, and restricted data are all vulnerable and are exposed to threats in case of lapses in security.

It is crucial for the management to understand cybersecurity and data protection to make informed decisions. As leaders are expected to plan ahead of crises, businesses must analyze real-time threats. Information security looks at issues beyond detection and prevention of threats. A company’s ability to react, respond, absorb, recover, and rebound during an attack determines its resilience capability.

Our unique delivery proposition helps us automate routine tasks and humanize the exceptions to ensure all compliances for cybersecurity across the globe are addressed. Our Transaction Risk Advisory (TRA) Lab platform is designed to enable organizations to manage and address self-assessment across 53 global frameworks and regulatory compliances.

Our Services

  • Discover
    We deliver a quick health-check of your cybersecurity readiness assessment through our platform. Clients are free to choose from our online or consultant-assisted assessment.
  • Manage
    Our team of experts can provide advice as well as implement:
    • Governance frameworks
    • Regulatory compliances
    • Policies and procedures
    • Risk Registers
    • Certifications
  • Protect
    We help you maintain your cybersecurity posture through:
    • Virtual CISO/DPO office
    • Cyber resiliency services
    • Managed services

Data Privacy and Protection

Your organization could be a Data Controller or a Data Processor or a sub-processor or probably wearing different hats for different sets of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Under a growing number of Data Privacy regulations across the globe you may be challenged with Data Privacy questions like:

  • What data is collected across organization
  • How it is collected
  • How it is processed
  • Disclosure around data life cycle - ensuring retention meets obligations
  • Whether you are required to appoint a Data Processing Officer ( DPO)
  • Whether your third-party ecosystem has adequate data protection controls to meet compliance requirements.

At Nexdigm, we help our clients to easily navigate the ever-evolving, complex global privacy regulations with support of the six pillars of our Privacy Compliance Management Program.

This involves Strategy and Governance, Organization and Accountability, Policy, Process and Data Culture, Training and Awareness, Privacy Response, and DPO Services.

What Nexdigm can do for your organization?

We offer the following range of services to suit your needs.

  • Discover Readiness

    Online readiness assessments, detailed maturity report to introspect the current Privacy posture of the organization.

  • Manage

    Our team of professionals help build privacy frameworks, polices and procedures guidelines, data inventory, Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) to prepare the organization with compliance requirements. We also help in filing with respective Personal Data Privacy authorities in various countries.

  • Protect

    DPO service and third-party vendor risk management to protect the Privacy Compliance posture.

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