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CFO Services

The inherently evolving nature of today's business ecosystem has encouraged companies to work with consultants to minimize their F&A risk of non-compliances, unavailability of information, lack of internal skill sets, and more. Complex functions like ERP implementation, compliance management, and resolving legacy accounting issues, require a partner-led approach to facilitate smooth business functioning. At Nexdigm, we extend beyond our advisory role to ensure that you have a robust finance and accounting framework to support you as you Think Next!

Finance Controller Services

Health check/clean up of Financial Statements

Over time, inefficient practices adopted by the Finance and Accounting (F&A) staff leads to disordered books. This undermines the reliability of financial statements and leads to non-compliance with existing laws.

Modern enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to handle audits and auditors. These difficulties may stem from either the employees’ lack of expertise in managing audits, or the continually expanding regulations.

Nexdigm helps clients perform a comprehensive health check of their books and clean up of their records. A typical book clean-up procedure can include an in-depth review of books, inter-company reconciliations, compliance checks, fixed asset verification, and several other tasks.

Audit Support

Leveraging our extensive experience in the finance assurance domain, our team can help you manage auditors professionally, complete audits in time, and minimize audit qualifications.

Our services include:

  • Preparing financial statements following international accounting standards (IFRS, Ind AS, US GAAP, or Indian GAAP)
  • Liaising with auditors
  • Preparing audit schedules
  • Advising on audit remarks or qualifications
  • Representation to the board of directors or an audit committee

Finance transformation

Growing competition has compelled organizations to have the best in class organizational structure and processes to stay ahead of or at par with peers. In the current dynamic business environment, companies must continuously find ways to increase their market reach and sales with cost reduction and arrive at the optimum balance of skills, professionalism, and profitability.

At Nexdigm, we understand these problems and have developed a proprietary solution aimed at unlocking value for your business. Our Finance Transformation solution can help you:

  • Identify inefficiencies across your finance process
  • Discover spare capacities
  • Benchmark your organization structure and processes with global standards

Our objective is to enable you to focus on upscaling your organization, optimizing technology and establishing efficient processes.

Finance Organization Re-designing

  • Analyzing, understanding, and documenting as-is job responsibilities
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Conducting a gap analysis through scorecards and renowned models
  • Recommending a scalable revised organization structure

Finance Process Optimization

  • Consolidating key controls and processes
  • Identifying gaps in the “as-is” process vis-à-vis optimization
  • Implementing controls and process enhancements

Finance Process Automation

  • Assessing automation possibilities within the finance function
  • Conducting a cost-benefit analysis for each of the possibilities
  • Assisting in the implementation and customization of automation products

Accounting Standard Transition (IFRS)

MNCs are increasingly transitioning towards IFRS from other GAAPs. This shift may result in several aspects that fall beyond the purview of the finance function.

At Nexdigm, we guide you through this transition by:

  • Analyzing the impact of the convergence
  • Supporting the decisions made on accounting policy choices
  • Preparing financial statements (including the opening balance sheet)
  • Implementing new reporting processes
  • Ideating and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) changes

Specialized CFO Services

We can also support business in their special initiatives related to the finance function. Our expert team can help your company navigate complex issues such as

  • ERP Implementation
  • Working capital enhancement
  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Inventory optimization
  • Inventory and fixed assets verification
  • Designing SOPs

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