Recent International Conflict

16 Oct 2023 admin

We at Nexdigm are extremely saddened and shocked by the horrific attacks that continue to unfold across Israel and the escalating conflict. We condemn this theme of unjustified and inexcusable hatred and brutality and stand against these acts of terrorism.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent people during these challenging times. The human cost of terrorism is too great to ignore. Our firm will connect with local organizations to support first responders.

We are a very diversified organization with global partners, have associates and friends around the world experiencing grief, fear, and anxiety. Everyone of us know someone who is deeply concerned for the safety of their loved ones living in fear. Innocent people are hurt, and lives lost on all sides.

Nexdigm cares about its global associates who show great care, friendship, and empathy for each other.

Let us stand together in our shared community of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’.

Guljit Singh
Group Executive Chairperson

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