Nimish Shah
Vice President – North America Sales and Marketing
Board Member – Nexdigm Incorporated and Nexdigm sp. z o.o (Poland)


With over three decades of experience, Nimish leads Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at Nexdigm in North America. He is responsible for the overall growth of Nexdigm in the region, building key partnerships, increasing visibility in the region, implementing strategic initiatives that strengthen Nexdigm’s presence in the market. Nimish focuses on expanding Nexdigm’s services in North America and facilitates client engagement for companies headquartered in the region.

Nimish drives value at every opportunity using his diverse experience to create innovative solutions and establish strategic alliances. His expertise lies in building and maintaining long-term partnerships with clients that result in win-win outcomes. His deep understanding of Nexdigm’s service lines stems from his hands-on experience leading the Finance & Accounting, Contract Management, and Entity Set-up & Management verticals.

As the former head of the Business Process Management, Information Technology, and Automation teams at Nexdigm, Nimish was instrumental in bringing efficiencies and redefining rule-based, repetitive tasks.. He successfully led the certification of Nexdigm’s information security management system under ISO 27001. Nimish also supported the physical expansion of Nexdigm into the US and Polish markets by undertaking pre-investment feasibility studies, instituting processes, hiring associates, and building a third-party ecosystem for the company.

Before joining Nexdigm, Nimish spent over a decade with a US-based IT firm, where he was responsible for defining and implementing comprehensive marketing programs. He was also instrumental in developing an international business partner network in various locations, including USA, UK, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Nimish believes in working with the commitment of a partner and the dedication and discipline of a vendor. His ability to create tailor-made solutions for each client is born out of passion, originating from his absolute belief in the services Nexdigm provides.

Nimish is a firm believer in fact-based decision-making and uses data to his advantage when analyzing diverse variables. His process-first approach helps the team execute their strategy, meet client needs, and explore new business opportunities.

Nimish is a Doctor of Medicine and a qualified Anesthesiologist. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Pune (India).

In his free time, Nimish enjoys reading, traveling, jogging, and spending time with his family.

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