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Successful transformations can radically improve service delivery. Our associates in Supply Chain, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Sciences work with your teams to re-imagine and digitally re-engineer your core operations, and maximize cross-functional synergies.


Competitive pressures compel businesses to have best-in-class finance structures and processes to remain viable. This must be achieved while keeping cost reduction and an optimal balance of skills, professionalism, and profitability in mind.

At Nexdigm, we understand these problems and have developed a proprietary solution to harness the true capabilities of your business. Our Finance Transformation solution can help you:

  • Identify inefficiencies across your finance process
  • Discover spare capacities/resources
  • Benchmark your organization's structure and processes with global standards

Our objective is to enable you to focus on up-scaling your organization, optimizing technology and establishing efficient processes.

Finance Organization Re-designing

  • Analyzing, understanding, and documenting "as-is" job responsibilities
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Gap analysis through scorecards
  • Recommending a scalable revised organization structure

Finance Process Optimization

  • Consolidating key controls and processes
  • Identifying gaps in the “as-is” process vis-à-vis optimization
  • Implementing controls and process enhancements

Finance Process Automation

  • Assessing automation possibilities in the finance function
  • Conducting a cost-benefit analysis for each of the possibilities
  • Assisting in the implementation of automation products

The Nexdigm Advantage

  • Qualified experts with rich experience and in-depth knowledge across the finance domain
  • A legacy of successful solution developments
  • Use of advanced technology platforms (for a data-driven approach)
  • Use of automation solutions to reduce manual effort
  • Substantial cost-savings for your finance function

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