About Nexdigm (SKP) Global


The increasingly globalised business environment and parallel technology development has brought about a stark change in the way that businesses operate. Today, it is not uncommon for even small and mid-size companies to find themselves catering to or sourcing from other geographies. The tendency of an entity to seek business opportunities abroad and expand globally is now higher than ever. While opportunities are plenty, conducting global business may involve cumbersome compliance, transfer pricing, tax and other cultural issues. Businesses must ensure that they are not overwhelmed by these complications and that their focus remains on delivering and strengthening their core offerings.

Our global services are designed to allow your business to focus on what it does best, as we partner with you to take responsibility of the compliances and manage processes and projects.

We are a leading professional services group providing a wide range of solutions for global businesses. Our global expertise lies in project management, business process management, transfer pricing and compliance. We offer customised solutions designed to meet your business requirements through a partnering approach which has consistently surpassed client expectations. Our team of professionals have collaborated with clients from over 45 countries including Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, private equity, venture capital and family-owned enterprises.