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Shared Services

Nexdigm’s Business Process Management (BPM) team is your partner in delivering innovation. By deploying best-in-class delivery frameworks, we ensure operational stability and improved profitability through reductions in direct cost and revenue leakage.

Shared Services

Multi-divisional and multi-location companies often have decentralized business processes, including Finance and Accounting (F&A), contract management, or commercial operations. Many of these are developed as a business grows, and are traditionally accepted. However, there are certain clear advantages to centralizing these functions, including:

Team management

In centralized teams, the corporate or regional headquarters do not need to manage dispersed teams remotely, avoiding challenges and extra costs in coordination, human resource management, and ensuring uniform implementation of policies and processes.

Cross-national operations

For a business with a multinational footprint, differences in time zones, languages, and cultures are serious concerns. A centralized team can reduce management challenges, and ease process optimization, accuracy, and reporting.


In a centralized model, teams can be scaled up or down based on growth rates, work is process dependent rather than person dependent, and technology can be deployed to enhance efficiency.

The Shared Services model

These inherent advantages motivate businesses to create a structure that leverages the benefits of both - having a lean process team close to the business, as well as a shared services set-up that handles the large volume, rule-based, process-driven aspects.

Nexdigm’s solution

Nexdigm has a robust methodology towards creating a customized solution best suited to your business needs, which includes:

  • Business process assessment: We systematically assess the relevant processes and sub-processes in the context of your business to identify what needs to be close to the business and what can be consolidated into a shared services center.
  • Identify engagement model: Once the design blueprint is approved, we build, transition, and manage the shared services operations.
  • Optimization: The critical mass achieved enables us to leverage processes and technology, and optimize resource utilization, delivering improved service levels at lower cost.

In fact, our ability to handle transactions in languages other than English helps us deliver a truly global shared services set-up.

You can choose the engagement model that suits your needs.

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